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Three months in Georgia, Part 2

Employment and other fundraising activities

The main reason for staying in Tbilisi for such a long time was connected with the curious incident in Sevastopol, Crimea. In case somebody is still wondering, what really happened in Sevastopol, here is a very short recap – two of our bicycles got stolen by ruthless criminals (you can find out more by watching this or reading this). So we found ourselves in Tbilisi wondering what to do next, because we had to find a way out of this mess or we will have to turn back home. This time we did not have any illusions, that this problem will solve itself and we understood from the very start that it all depends solely on us.


In Georgia they love food and even measure economical indicators with khachapuri

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Three months in Georgia, Part 1

Three months in Georgia – time to remember


How long can you be lazy and keep on inventing excuses for not doing something? We have understood that it is possible to do it for quite a long time, but eventually we got tired of being lazy or even start to become lazy of being lazy and this very moment is finally here. So finally, after several months, we present to you recap of our Georgian adventures. Before you start to read this very long article, I would like to point out that unfortunately not everything is covered in this blog post and even some of the things that are covered have not been covered in full detail.

Arrival in Georgia


We spent the first night in Georgia not far from the highest mountain in the country – Mt. Kazbeg. That was probably the coldest night I have spent in a tent, the temperature dropped to -10C


We spent the next day in a much more inhabitable environment, but even there the room temperature was around 0 – maybe that was the reason why this room was used as a substitute for a refrigerator.

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Tea with a story

What do you do when two of your bicycles are stolen? How do you live with it? What do you do in order to solve this problem?


Our team on the way to Rustaveli

I don’t know about you, but we just tried our luck in tea selling business in Tbilisi, Georgia. So, what do you have to do in order to sell tea and coffee in the centre of Tbilisi? Here is our beginners guide in how to start your own tea selling business.


Optimus fuel stove – engine of the business

First of all you have to find a way how to introduce the local community with your business and with your story – we gathered pieces of cardboard and wrote about our adventure and the incident in Crimea. After you have done this, the next step would be to find a suitable place where you can approach your customers – we chose a place next to the Rustaveli Metro station. Last, but not least, you need to gather the needed equipment – a portable stove, a kettle, tea and/or coffee, water and some courage. When you have taken care of all of the previously mentioned aspects, all you have to do is to enjoy the show.


A regular working day in Tbilisi


A group photo after the last cup of tea has been sold

P.S. This is just a little insight in our project. A more thorough video about our day in tea selling will follow in the near future.