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Hitchhiking in Crimea, Part 2

I woke up on 14th November, not having a clue where I was. This was definitely not a tent, since then I would be squeezed between Dainis and Ivars. I had so much free space around me, so we were definitely not Couchsurfing or staying in anyone’s house, there was ceiling… which meant we had not slept under the starry sky. So where..? After these and some more thoughts had run through my head in a split second, it all came back to me, we were in Yalta, Crimea  (Ялта, Крим) and had just spent the night in a furniture shop. The uncommon spot probably did it, since it does not happen very often to me and thus it has definitely stayed in my memory.

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Hitch-hiking in Crimea, Part 1

12th November was again a day of leaving a city, warm bed and shower behind but today it was a whole lot different because of “The Curious Incident of the Bicycles in the Night-time”. It was a completely new experience because I and Laura had to carry our stuff on our backs and we hitch-hiked instead of cycling. For both of us this was the first hitch-hiking experience abroad. You can read about Dainis’ cycling in the previous entry. Continue reading

Cycling in Crimea, Part 1

The plan was ready and it was a simple one – Laura and Ivars will try to conquer Crimea hitchhiking while I will be pedaling as hard as I possibly can. I must admit that at the outset, I felt excited – on one hand I was excited because I will finally have an opportunity to see the beautiful southern cost of Crimea, but on the other hand I felt as this will be the first real cycling challenge for me (I will have to face steep climbs and long down-hills ).


Beautiful but challenging

On 12th November approximately at 11.20 am after saying farewell to Andrey and Korica, I started off from 21 Kolobova Street, Sevastopol. Getting out from the city was fairly easy, but even then I managed to get lost for couple of minutes. Thanks to a lovely lady who helped me to get back on track, I found my way without any problems. This lady was a true friend of bicycle touring enthusiasts as her son was one of them, thus she was very sad about our misfortune. All in all it seemed that this is going to be a wonderful day and the bicycle will move forward on its own. Continue reading

Crimea – first encounter

So, what did we see and experience while driving through Crimean peninsula, what kind of adventures except the bicycle theft we embarked on?

Keeping in mind that the border crossing procedure could easily be very long and tiresome, we woke up quite early. But fortune had something else in mind for us – during the night a Crimean mouse had chewed a hug hole in one of our panniers. The damage was done so the hungry Crimean mouse could get to our food supplies, but fortunately the mouse was content with just bread and did not try to taste the rest of our food reserves. This little incident set us back for about an hour as we had to seal up the hole. But we managed to do just that and were eventually ready to conquer the border. Continue reading

Cycling through Southern Ukraine

First of all, we must apologize for the delay, the article which should have been published on 10th January 2015, is being published almost one month later. This has happenned due to some objective (we have had to take care of a lot of things) and subjective (laziness) circumstances. We are still in Tbilisi, Georgia and trying to raise some money so we can continue our journey. All three of us have found a job here and even though the salary is small, it is still better than nothing. We will cover all the happenings in Tbilisi only when the events leading up to our arrival here will be covered. One thing we can already say about our lives here – we cannot complain about boredom. So, here is the promised article about our journey from Odessa to Crimea.

Farewell to Odessa

November was approaching at the speed of wind (as we found out the wind was not blowing in the right direction) and that meant that we had to say farewell to Odessa to start moving in the direction of Crimea. Taking into account that Crimea is under Russian control, in order to enter we had to possess Russian visa. He had received Russian visa without any problems already in Latvia, so we only had to get to the Crimean border. As we had acquired a tourist visa for 30 days and it started on 1st November we wanted to get to the border on 31st October at the latest. We said good bye to our lovely couchsurfing host Alina and her family on 27th October and we were ready to get back on our bicycles.


From left – Dainis, Alina, Ivars and Laura. Alina, thank you very, very much!

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