Support Us

If you are interested in our expedition and it would gladly donate to our cause, you can do it via Paypal or bank transfer.

First of all we must admit that donations as a way of funding an expedition, which at first glance does not contribute to the society in any way, may seem lazy and somewhat egoistic. But before you judge our endeavors, please let us state our case about why you should at least consider helping us.
•    We are not planning to raise money, nor do we count on sponsors to fund all of our expenses. We are saving each and every cent of our own money (which is not as much as we would like) and donations are only a supplement.
•    We are trying to get the word out, and donations mean much more than money to us. Each and every donation we receive serves as a motivational boost proving that there are at least a few likeminded people who believe in our goal. It is their trust that motivates us to finish what we have started.
•    Helping us also should not be viewed only as charity, as we are trying our best to give something back to the people who have donated. You can send us your post address and we will make your day better with an interesting postcard some time. There will be other rewards posted here later. Yes, it may seem a bit odd to pay 20 EUR for a simple postcard, but, on the other hand, this postcard will not only be sent from other side of the Earth, but it will have a story to tell. It might sound a bit cheesy, but there are truly some things money cannot buy, and we believe our prizes to sponsors to be among them.
•    It would not exactly be adequate to say that our expedition is selfish to the greatest extent and that we are doing it only to have fun. We will create and share a series of video stories and travel blog entries about our expedition and write useful guides for future travelers, who may follow the same path. Moreover, in cooperation with charity foundation “” we will try to send emotions and maybe more back home  to people who need it most.

If it seems reasonable to at least consider helping us, here’s our Paypal address and banking details:

Registration number: 40008220562
Bank: AS Swedbank
Bank account: LV05HABA0551038785862
Country: Latvia