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Pozharnik in the Pushkin’s Kitchen

Artem is the 7th host we are staying with through Couchsurfing network. Just an ordinary guy who’s living in the center of Odessa and probably working some 9-to-5 job. Of course, as all of the CSers he probably likes to travel. And we’re sure that he is completely aware of our arrival time. At least, those were our presumptions about him. If you don’t know enough information about someone, you create a character in your head before the first meeting, just to get a better image that this person is real, that’s how the human brain works, well, mine at least. And that’s fine as long as you don’t start developing other thoughts and conclusions based on those presumptions. Because in reality the world can turn out a lot more interesting than one can imagine and the people in it can be even more unique than we think when saying the conventional “every one of us is special” phrase. Continue reading