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Vagabond life at its finest in China

After reading my previous post everyone probably barely refrained themselves from messaging me: “Why? How? What happened? Dear God!!” Hold your horses, I’ll elaborate. On a quick note – if someone hasn’t done their homework and read the previous post, do it! Anyway, it came to a close with “we ended up sleeping on the street in the center of the city”.

It all began when we decided that we have enough of sitting in the train in China. But as Laos was still too far to get to with bicycles in the Chinese visa timeframe we had. That leads to the only logical choice here – we need to hitchhike! So we started to train holding our arms up for prolonged periods of time but on one of our training sessions, my arm hit a hard metallic object. Oh, that’s the bicycle! What are we going to do with them? A simple solution – we’ll send them via the China Railway Express freight shipping like the previous time, with the difference that we will not go by train ourselves. (If someone makes the decision to ship theirs stuff like this in China based on our successful experience, be warned – we have also heard of things getting lost on the way. Luckily for us, both of the times on the other end we received all that we had sent off.) Continue reading