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Hitch-hiking in Crimea, Part 1

12th November was again a day of leaving a city, warm bed and shower behind but today it was a whole lot different because of “The Curious Incident of the Bicycles in the Night-time”. It was a completely new experience because I and Laura had to carry our stuff on our backs and we hitch-hiked instead of cycling. For both of us this was the first hitch-hiking experience abroad. You can read about Dainis’ cycling in the previous entry. Continue reading

Crimea – first encounter

So, what did we see and experience while driving through Crimean peninsula, what kind of adventures except the bicycle theft we embarked on?

Keeping in mind that the border crossing procedure could easily be very long and tiresome, we woke up quite early. But fortune had something else in mind for us – during the night a Crimean mouse had chewed a hug hole in one of our panniers. The damage was done so the hungry Crimean mouse could get to our food supplies, but fortunately the mouse was content with just bread and did not try to taste the rest of our food reserves. This little incident set us back for about an hour as we had to seal up the hole. But we managed to do just that and were eventually ready to conquer the border. Continue reading

The Curious Incident in Sevastopol

It is kind of stupid, but two of our bicycles got stolen in Sevastopol , Crimea. It is sad mainly because we will have to slightly modify our plans but it is stupid and we are ashamed, because partly it is also our own fault.





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